Never trust anyone who says it’s immoral not to trust them.


when you share your evil schemes with your friends


Me and 3teh in a nutshell.




Dietmar Voorworld is an artist who takes rocks, pebbles and leaves he finds in nature and turns them into memorable pieces of circular land art.

Genius lasts longer than beauty
Oscar Wilde [The Picture of Dorian Gray] (via mikejryan)

The race-based sexual preferences thing blowing up as of late reminds me an awful lot of the cotton ceiling debacle, come to think of it.

None of this will end well.

Looking over that blog, I think it’s a troll blog more and more, but 1) It was still useful to make a point from it, and 2) a good chunk of the thoughts over there I’ve seen used seriously by non-fake SJW bloggers.

I never thought I’d be using Poe’s Law for the opposite side of the spectrum.



If you are white you cannot have a race preference. If you don’t understand that, then learn or keep your mouth shut.

Non-white races are fetishized and exoticized. Saying you prefer a poc partner is only echoing that fetishization. Saying you prefer a white partner is white supremacy.

People of color often have race preferences because we have to.

you’re a disgusting little troglodyte you are. trying to tell an entire group of people how they should and shouldn’t conduct their personal affairs, telling them that something as natural and correct as wanting to be with their own is wrong. go to church and think about why everything you believe is wrong and stupid and pray to god for forgiveness. i hope you grow up to be terribly embarrassed about what a grotty little piece of shit you are

This is all just going to end up with enforced rape in the name of anti-racism and it will be hilarious. Also, despite all of the current raving about it, consent and ending rape culture will mean nothing soon enough. The usual logical stratagems will be (re)deployed in the name of trying to get people to sleep with others they don’t want to be with for whatever reason. 

Also, trying to make the most famous human physical activity not be about physical aspects will also end quite well. I know I’ve said the near future would gradually become a battle between memes and genes but this is getting a bit too literal.