Me: So, who here would be interested in going to France to do volunteer work for 5 years?
Room full of teenage girls: OH MY GOD, MEEEEEE!!!
Me: Okay, so who here's familiar with the French Foreign Legion?

I was looking at the new Age of Empires II HD remake and for some reason I suddenly remembered the King of Jordan was seen playing that game.


konoha doodle ○ ω○)~~~ with triceratops~~~

konoha doodle ○ ω○)~~~ with triceratops~~~


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Kingdom Hearts


Chicago2: iv: As threatened, more from the Oak Park, Illinois Post Office… Way more to come… I am SHOCKED I did not get kicked out of this place. SoCal post offices are all staffed with Grade A assholes that shout ‘NO PICTURES’ the second you walk in with the big camera. That’s why whenever they announce USPS downsizing & layoffs, I feel zero pity for them.

"ask Chuck Palanihuk on tumblr"

perfect really